Fenben Kicked Liver Cancer’s A$$

Just want to say thank you to this group and JT My husband and I are blown away!!! To make a long story short, my husband has stage 4 HOC liver cancer. Was given less than two years if maybe 6 months last Feb 2020 to live.

He has been on immunotherapy, which hasn’t worked, and only radiation directly in tumors. Well, I decided to do some research and came across JT, and I was so nervous to start him on fenben, but he said what the hell!! I got him up 2000mg a day 7 days a week. The last procedure was a month ago to put chemo in 5 tumors. When doctor went in four tumors didnt light up. We just thought he missed them and it was a failed procedure and would have to return to do tace treatment again.

Well yesterday went in for MRI to see what is going on. His doctor si out of town but “step in” doctor says that nothing si lightning up in his liver and he should return in three months for check up. Wait what? Usually, they say we have to talk to the team and get a new attack plan. My husband asked what does this mean? No active or live cancer in the liver? He said there is only scar tissue and some inflammation but i guess when they say no lightning up that means no cancer for right now and to check back in three months and it he stays like this he could get on a transplant list.

Here is the thing we are so confused about. there was no excitement or this is great news, but it’s not our doctor. We were still skeptical and scared, but my husband started to break down and cry when we went outside. Told me that i saved his life and that it has to be fenben. Never in the past has there been any growth or nothing to see been told to us. MRI is different from all the rest but still confusing to read. We are so scared to believe or dont want to tell anyone the news just in case we don’t understand results correctly.

Sorry, this is a long story, not a short one!! I read on here of stories like this, but could it possibly be our story, that just for today we kicked cancer’s ass!!!

His doctor gets back in October, and she tells us exactly what’s going on, but until then, my husband is on cloud 9!! I have been crying since yesterday trying just to be thankful for today and sometimes when you hear there si no hope or little can be done, you push to believe outside of that box and try something unheard of that blows everyone away or they think your crazy for even considering it. I guess what i am trying to say, is never give up!! I dont exactly know where my husband story goes from here but were feeling blessed today. that his story might be alot longer and we are thankful for the man upstairs and this group for giving us a path to walk on!!

Sincerely, one blessed and happy wife!!!

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