Fenben Silences Throat Cancer

We are sitting in the Pulmonologist’s office today. Because my husband’s cancer was on a vocal cord, we sought to involve a specialist in that area of the body rather than continue with an Oncologist.

My husband started his cancer journey in the fall of 2019 by getting hoarse. We didn’t get a diagnosis until two days after Christmas of that year. We spent all our free time researching that TYPE of cancer and its triggers. Our sister-in-law found the Fenbendazole protocol from a gal in a Lab.

He started it immediately. I had no qualms about it being used in veterinary medicine because I’ve been in manufacturing for 20 years, and I know the purity of the process. My brother, sister-in-law, and I all took it for ten weeks as a show of support. He did radiation because the Fenben was not well recognized, and we didn’t want metastases.

However, they kept narrowing the beam when seeing tumor shrinkage and then stopped it early. He had four other dots on his original PET scan that they didn’t even address then. At his 3-month radiation TEP scan, which was five months of fenbendazole, the tumor was gone, and so we’re the four other dots that we suspected were small tumors.

His story was in the files here but has since been erased by Facebook. Today, the Pulmonologist again said how fortunate he is to be cancer-free because the odds are that cancer will return. Maybe bodies become weak; I don’t know, but we are thankful for the gift of 3 healthy years now and looking forward to more.

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