Overcoming Osteosarcoma

It has been a while since my last post. Results were inconclusive after our previous PET scan, and it showed progression. Our doctors said to redo scans one month later to be sure if the pelvis has a reassurance again and how to proceed. Osteosarcoma is tricky and complicated to deal with. 3weeks ago we did a CT scan with contrast and ti came out amazing. The PET scan showed psycho-progression: the pelvis is healing, and the bone is growing back. Bone density is getting better. 3L metastasis has healed entirely and is growing bone tissue, too.

There are nowhere visible tumors anymore and blood work and cancer markers are in the normal range. Although the doctor didn’t say my partner is NED, we believe that he is. It’s a miracle for us and everyone working with us. Since you will die in less than 6 months to, please find a hospice to Ned. Unbelievable!!!

Me and my partner have been through so much since his diagnosis in August 2021. Osteosarcoma almost took him from me, and to have this outcome now is just amazing. Every day, I pray to god to give us more time, and I believe he has granted my wish.

I have seen so much negativity and discouragement from people; nobody believed in what we were doing, but it seemed victorious against all odds. We have been on a rigorous and monotone diet for almost a year now. No gluten, sugar, meat, flour, or pasta. The no’s are more than the yes. Taking care of the food was a daily struggle and gave us endless fights. The hardest part is to cut out arginine. I believe that this amino acid is key in fighting sarcomas. We been on the fenben protocol since July 2022 and added the other not ot eb named dewormer right after we reached 2000mg of Fenben. We added the 3rd dewormer to the protocol this April, Niclosamide 1000mg. His liver counts are excellent and we checking those every 3 weeks. May 1 he started Artemisin, let’s hope this can destroy more stem cells and give us some time to relax.

Even if everyone says there is no hope and you will definitely not make it, you should not give up and try your best and fight. We don’t know what tomorrow brings, but hope never dies. From my heart, I thank this group for its support. I would like to mention Elif Oznur Oanzrki, whose daughter is fighting Ewig Sarcoma and, like us, has made positive progress.

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