Beat Urothelial Carcinoma with Fenben and Vitamins

I recently posted an update of my CT scan and being NED# from #urothelial carcinoma. I did lose my kidney in January 2022. I started Fenben in January 2022. Oncologist told me it was a rare and aggressive cancer, and since I declined chemotherapy he expected me to be on my way out by April 2022.

I continued taking Fenben, vitamins, and supplements, and according to my latest scan, I am NED. In addition to my four-month checkups and scans, I get a Cytology test (bladder scope) every six months, and my results come by mail. Well, today I received my results, and this letter absolutely made my day!

P.S I am not doing any shemo, radiation, immunotherapy. Only using Fenben, vitamins, and supplements.

#successstory #NED #positiveprogress

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