Kristy Robinson-Miller

By the time I was diagnosed, the tumor was the size of a small football.

I could not walk well, it was cutting off both my ureter and rectum and I was in extreme pain. I was sobbing in excruciating pain. They told me it was inoperable. I am a naturopath so I knew I did not want conventional treatment, however, my prognosis was not good. I had gotten ahold of the FENBEN, but I knew I needed enough time for it and the other elements of my alternative protocol to work.

I took an RGCC test, so I knew exactly what chemo and or radiation would be effective and what alternatives would be as well. I did it all. I chose to do radiation with six treatments of cisplatin to buy enough time for the FENBEN and my chosen protocol to work. The doctors were astounded at how fast the tumor and metastasis to lymph nodes disintegrated. 3 weeks into treatment (2 months on FENBEN), it was more than 50% gone.

They couldn’t believe it; they had all but told me this was a long shot, and my chances weren’t good; even with their treatment at the end of 6 week’s round of radiation, they wanted to do Brachytherapy. NOT on my life, thank you! I knew that was a sentence to more cancer, chronic pain, and the likelihood of being in a wheelchair the rest of my life with deteriorated pelvic bones.

Doctors pleaded with me, swearing the cancer was still there. I repeatedly said, “no, it isn’t, I know it’s gone.” And I refused further conventional treatment. I walked away; they wanted to do a PET scan right then. I refused, knowing it would likely send false positives at that point, and I didn’t want further radiation in my body. I waited 3 more months (now on FENBEN for 6 months and my other protocols) and scheduled a PET scan, now fully believing I was cancer-free. I was correct.

The PET scan came back completely CLEAR. The doctor couldn’t believe it. I repeatedly said that my results were astounding and that they never see results like this, especially without surgery and or Brachytherapy. They still tried to talk me into the Brachytherapy. That was a big fat NO.

I have been cancer-free for over six months. I continue the FENBEN, LDN, and the rest of my vitamin and nutrition protocol. I know FENBEN played a vital role in my recovery and healing. I still have healing to do from the radiation damage, and I regret that it was necessary, but I know I made the right decisions for me and my survival.

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