Fenben® Cancer Group Protocol (Long-form)

About the Feben® Cancer Protocol

The first Fenben protocol was developed by Steve Beddingfield in 2012. It was aimed at helping people heal from disease. It consisted of 3 basic steps: 1) “Get Things Moving,” which is meant to get your digestive system moving and ready to remove toxins by taking things like Magnesium Oxide, Castor oil, etc., 2) Reishi Mushrooms, and 3) Fenbendazole. Today, thousands of people follow or follow Steve’s protocol successfully.

In 2017, Joe Tippens began his blog and his new Fenben Protocol for Cancer, consisting of Fenbendazole, Curcumin, and CBD oil. Today, Joe’s protocol helps people worldwide in their struggle against cancer.

Although these Fenben Protocols are both amazing and valid, we feel that additions can be made based on new clinical research and our group findings.

We have included suggestions for brands, yet you can choose a different brand with the same qualities by visiting our Where To Buy page.

What is Fenben®

Fenbendazole is traditionally an anthelmintic used safely for decades as an animal dewormer. However, over the past 40 years, scientists have studied anthelmintics like Fenben for other potential uses, looking for answers for disease treatment. Fenbendazole acts slightly differently than other anthelmintics in that it is much gentler on the system and is unlikely to cause resistance even over years of daily use.

How does Fenben® work for Cancer?

  • Fenbendazole fights cancer by halting the mitosis of cancer cells through multiple pathways.
  • It bonds to and disrupts the microtubulin of abnormal cells.
  • It inhibits glucose delivery to cancer cells.
  • It reduces glucose uptake in cancer cells by down-regulating GLUT transporters.
  • It acts as a kinase inhibitor and helps block the formation of new blood vessels necessary for tumors to survive.
  • It stimulates the P53 to suppress and fight tumors.

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