The Firm Protocol developed by Steve Beddingfield

The Firm Protocol

About The FIRM Protocol

Steve Beddingfield designed this protocol. The FIRM protocol helps people recover from almost any medical condition because it can rid the body of harmful pathogens. It helps restore the body from Morgellon disease and many other diseases such as Lyme, autoimmune disorders, fungal and dermatologic conditions, and even cancer.

If you are experiencing illness, you should plan on staying on the protocol daily for 1-4 years. You will most likely begin to feel better along the way.

Eventually, you can lower your dosages and take 1-2 times per week instead of every day. Keep in mind that everyone is different. You may need to adjust the dosages to remain comfortable. Some people feel better immediately, and other Herx (feel worse) for some time. If you are herxing badly, you may need to cut your dosages.

Additionally, we recommend that you get your liver function checked every three months while on the protocol. Request a CMP (Comprehensive Metabolic Panel) from your PCP (Primary Care Physician) or GP (General Practice doctor).

Through Steves’ guidance, we began using fenbendazole approximately ten years ago. Steve was dramatically healed from thyroid cancer, Lyme disease, and Morgellon disease. He then started a quest to assist others to heal and has been instrumental in helping thousands overcome many health issues. With his knowledge and education in science and microbiology, Steve continues to search for the underlying truth of the disease process.

Medical Disclaimer

We (the Administrators & Moderators of Morgellons Support Protocol, Morgellons Support Science along with the creator of the said groups, Steve Beddingfield) are not medical doctors. The opinions expressed in our websites & protocol reflect our personal experiences and ongoing investigations into functional (i.e., reversible) conditions related to everyday health.

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